Terms and Conditions

1. Creating an account on the website and registration must be based on the correct and real information of the participant.

2. The participant acknowledges that s/he is the legal owner of the project or has a definite license from the owners of the project and is not prohibited from providing information to the organizer, applicant, or other entities designated by the organizer during the registration process or other steps of participating in the event. In case of loss of documents or defects in the information provided, it is the participant’s responsibility.

3. The participant acknowledges that all the information provided to the organizer is based on the principle of honesty and does not contain any false, untrue, or exaggerated content. Otherwise, the organizer, without any responsibility, is allowed to limit, suspend, or even cancel the participant’s presence in the event.

4. If the participant violates any of the obligations, the organizer is allowed to limit, suspend, or even cancel the participant’s presence in the event without any responsibility.

5. The participant acknowledges that none of the information provided violates or negates third parties’ material intellectual property. The participant is responsible for non-compliance with the provisions of this article.

6. The regulations of the event may change over time. The amended regulations will come into force after the announcement and continuing to participate in the event means accepting the new regulations.

7. The organizer is responsible for selecting top participants in all steps of the competition. Also, the organizer is not obliged to explain why the participant in the event was approved or rejected.

8. The intellectual property of the projects entirely belongs to the participant, and participating in this event and submitting the projects does not lead to the transfer of intellectual property.

9. The technical information of the participants’ projects in this competition includes the principle of confidentiality and it is available only to the organizers of the competition and the evaluation committees.

10. Participation in the event is subject to the approval of the current regulations. I confirm that I have read all the regulations for participating in the event and accept the mentioned terms.