Announcement for the end of the first stage and the beginning of the second stage of the KANS Scientific Competition

The secretariat of the Second KANS Scientific Competition informs the important points about the evaluation process and the competition’s next stages.

1- The number of received achievements was 658 from 25 countries and in 6 technological fields.

2- In this competition, 3 stages of evaluation have been predicted, and the published list is related to those who have successfully passed stage 1 and entered stage 2.

3- In stage 1 (evaluation), depending on the conditions of each technological field, 10 to 30 achievements (about 12 to 30% of the received achievements) in each of the six fields of competition – totally about 100 achievements in all fields – are selected and have entered stage 2.

4- Those who have qualified to the stage 2, will have opportunity until the 5th of January, to reproduce and resubmit their video according to the evaluation criteria in English.

5- The step 2 will be informed specifically to participants who qualified to stage 2.

6- Evaluation in stage 1 (screening) has been performed by expert evaluators in each field, in about 200 hours and based on five indicator groups (Including: Team, Process, Result, Impact, and Presentation Quality). However, those who object to the evaluation result have chance to notify the secretariat until January 2nd  by sending a PDF file to the WhatsApp number (+98-9912521508) according to the following conditions:

A) Send just one file in PDF format, which is named after the participant. B) In this file, the name of the participant, education field and degree, job, title of the submitted achievement, and a maximum of 150 words explanation of why you are objecting to the result should be included. C) If the objection is approved and the achievement qualifies to the next stage, we will contact.

7- Objections about the achievements out of the competition scope cannot be considered. Examples of items that are out of the scope are: Achievements not related to the six fields of the competition, achievements related to people over 45 years old, etc.