Dust Impact on PV Panel

Solar cells (or photovoltaic – PV – cells) are semi-conductor devices which convert solar irradiance into DC electric current. The output of these cells is dependent on many factors but mainly on the solar irradiance. Thus, to ensure solar cells receive most of the solar irradiance they are positioned carefully and installed at an appropriate tilt angle to maximize their exposure to the sun. Some issues may arise due to the location of installation such as shading, high ambient temperature and dust accumulation. In the Middle East dust is a known problem that affect solar cell devices. As the dust deposition on a PV module increases, the power output of the PV and its efficiency will decrease. Moreover, the smaller the dust particles are the more output power drop will occur. In recent years many researchers studied the types of dust that affect PV module in different locations and their characteristics. This problem is prominent in Middle East which also exhibits high ambient temperatures and relative humidity which also impact the dust deposition.

The challenge: an efficient solution to minimize dust accumulation on PV modules, particularly those installed in the Middle East.