Brain Drain and Human Capital Migration Governance in Islamic Countries

In recent years, research projects in the field of artificial intelligence in research centers around the world are expanding dramatically at a very high rate.

The competition of scientific and research centers to advance this research in various branches of science, including medicine, engineering, etc., has accelerated the progress of research in this field.

Due to this issue, determining and setting precise criteria and methods to assess how and to what extent the development of artificial intelligence in various branches of health and treatment and medicine is necessary more than ever.

Given that at present a specific global organization does not directly and continuously monitor ethical standards in research related to artificial intelligence, in the first step it is necessary to set ethical standards and in the second step how to apply them in artificial intelligence research centers.

The Challenge: What criteria for ethics should be considered in artificial intelligence research in the field of healthcare and medical technologies? Given these criteria, how can this research be monitored around the world?