Extraction of natural gas from coal seams (CBM)

Methane gas is one of the gases emitted from coal seams that is released from the mine by ventilation and is released into the atmosphere (air). In addition to degrading the environment, the emission of this gas also wastes a vast source of energy. According to research, several billion cubic meters of methane gas is released annually from the world’s coal mines. Due to the importance of energy resources, drainage operations are currently underway in many coal mines around the world, and in this regard, methane gas produced in coal seams is collected using special methods and transported out of the mine by pipelines. Becomes. This gas is used to generate electricity, sell and use the mine based on grade and quantity.
The main purpose of this method is gas drainage by CBM method and electricity generation. 

The Challenge: Study of effective geological parameters, including:
Layer thickness
Layer depth
Layer uniformity
Expand layer
High waist and waist layer features
The amount of gas concentration
Gas compounds
Permeability status
Coal quality
Feasibility study of Iranian coal mines and implementation of the method according to financial and technical conditions