Infrastructural Shortcomings in Pakistan's Transportation System

Identifying and solving transportation problems is one of the main tasks confronting governments in developing countries like Pakistan. Despite large expenditures on urban transport systems, the prevalent transportation concerns in developing nations continue to worsen because of bad planning, and lack of governance.

Therefore, developing countries like Pakistan, have a major crisis on their hands. Urban transport problems in Pakistan are mostly managed by building larger and better roads, but building roads is not the ultimate fix. Road projects should merely be part of an overall transportation plan that includes traffic management through technologies and bigger and better transit systems and public transport. The principles of sustainable transport encourage utilization of low-cost public transport capable of performing well in mixed land use and densely–populated Pakistani cities. There is a need to address the core problem of continuing failure by the government to develop and manage the public transport systems to subsequently provide a high level of mobility, equity, and environmental sustainability making use of technology.