PV Panel Temperature Mitigation

Solar energy technology is among the most widely known renewable energy technologies and its market is currently growing due to its popularity and the need to establish sustainable energy solutions worldwide. One of the known technologies in the solar energy sector is the photovoltaic (PV) cell, or else known as the solar cell. These devices can convert sunlight to electricity which can power many applications depending on the size of installation and the components used in the system. Photovoltaics are usually purchased as a unit (combining multiple cells) which is referred to as a module. When the operating cell temperature of these modules increase above 25 °C their performance tend to drop, or according to their temperature coefficient. In some cases, the efficient of the PV module will decrease by 0.4% for every degree centigrade increase more than 25 °C. This issue is a cause for a drop in the performance of the PV module and its lifetime.

The Challenge: A cost-effective solution to reduce the operating cell temperature of PV modules.