Rehabilitation of Anzali Wetland and Repulsion of Invasive Species

Anzali Wetland is the habitat of many species of aquatic animals, birds, plants, and one of the valuable ecosystems of the world. In recent years, what is considered a severe threat to Anzali Wetland and has exposed its life to destruction and drying is the invasive species of water hyacinth. Although in recent years, agencies from government agencies and the private sector have collected water hyacinth, but these measures not only did not help to improve the situation, but the fragmented plant began to move on the surface of the water and in addition to the wetland, it has also polluted the port.

The rapid growth of this native Amazon plant and the 20 to 30 years of its rhizome in the environment has caused Anzali International Wetland and most of the water areas of the province to deal with this ominous phenomenon.


The Challenge: Collect, remove and prevent the growth and spread of water hyacinth in Anzali Wetland