Announcement of the selected scientific achievements qualified to the final round of the KANS competition

1. Energy, Water & Environment

Name of presenter
Scientific achievement title
Hadi AtapourAdvanced earth geomechanical simulator system
Hamed SadeghiMultiphase coupled flow simulation laboratory
Woei Jye LauThin film nanocomposite (TFN) membranes – the next generation membranes for water desalination
Mehdi MalekiRenewable energy management with carbon based composites for latent heat storage and thermal heating

2. Health & MedTech

Name of presenter
Scientific achievement title
Seyed Ali Mousavi ShaeghDesign and manufacture of covid-19 vaccine production machine in both laboratory and industrial scales based on microfluidic technology
Pike See CheahRepurposing ruxolitinib : novel insights to improve learning and memory in down syndrome
Mohammad Ali KhayamianPreventing cytokine storm in the covid-19 patients by suppressing clonal expansion in the activated lymphocytes using alternating electric fields
Alireza MirbagheriSina robotic telesurgery system

3. Transportation

Name of presenter
Scientific achievement title
Amir Hossein GhadamssoltaniSmart escalator emergency stop system (SEESS)
Saeed Bostan Manesh MoghaddamDriver behavior and drowsiness detection system
Ripon HoreDynamic behavior of wrap faced embankment on soft soil in bangladesh

4. Information & Communication Technology

Name of presenter
Scientific achievement title
Hossein ZabihiThe entry of interactive technology into children’s lives
Mohammad Ali AkhaeeCreate your own animation
Mehrdad Agha Mohammad Ali kermany BehfaLab, process mining software

5. Economics, Banking & Finance

Name of presenter
Scientific achievement title
Saeedeh Momtazi Detection of fraudulent banking transactions and credit cards using artificial intelligence
Mehdi Nouri The implementation of the central bank digital currency (CBDC)
Hassan Baan Islamic decentral coin based on ta’von economy

6. 2021 Special Field: Mining and Mineral Industries

The evaluation process for the “mining and mineral industry” field, has not been finalized yet. It will be announced soon.