Selected achievements qualified to the second round of the KANS scientific competition 2021 in six fields

1. 2021 Special Field: Mining and Mineral Industries

Scientific achievement title
Name of presenter
Electromagnetic waves shield using recycled materialsAhmad Khamis Syria
Hypino technology: Thermo-mechanical modeling (THMC) of leaching process and increase recovery with using detectionAida Mir Heydari Iran
machine of pre-condensing of Pre-processing materialsAli Akbar Ghaffari Iran
Pitch electrodeAli Mir Arabshahi Iran
Alpha, a robot to facilitate mining, road construction and constructionAmir Arsalan Sarajeh Iran
Achieving a new method for flotation of floated hard coal (oxidized) on the industrial scaleEsmail Darreh Zereshaki Iran
Extraction of heavy metals from bitumenHussein Bahrami Iran
Zoning of areas prone to coal gas extractionHussein Molayemat Iran
Smart mine health maskReza Mehdipour Raberi Iran
Selective extraction of lithium from desalinated brines using organic and metallic frameworksSiavash Fathi Nia Iran

2. Economics, Banking & Finance

Scientific achievement title
Name of presenter
Enricher fintechAhmed AdegokeNigeria
A framework for Islamic Ta’won Economy (Post Modern Sharing Economy)Hassan Baan Iran
Halal Decentral Digital Money(Based on Real Asset)Hassan Baan Iran
Money in Politics: A Recipe for Corruption in MalaysiaKHAIRUL SAIDAH ABAS AZMIMalaysia
Creating a common coin to facilitate international exchangesMehdi Nouri Iran
Implementation of central bank digital money (CBDC)Mehdi Nouri Iran
Impact of ICT on auditing practices of accounting professionals in KERALAMohammed Muneerali Thottoli (Conditional acceptance)India
V-POS, mobile payment systemNasser Farshbaf Sabouri Iran
Energy subsidy policy in IranSaeed Seyed Hosseinzadeh Yazdi Iran
Detection of fraudulent banking transactions and credit cards using artificial intelligenceSaeedeh Mumtazi Iran

3. Energy, Water & Environment

Scientific achievement title
Name of presenter
Automated Smart Recycle Bin (ASRB) AESLINA ABDUL KADIR  Malaysia
Design of predictive phase control system to optimize energy consumption and provide comfort conditions in a building Ahmad Esmaeilzadeh  Iran
Ferroganic, production of insect sex pheromones to control and combat plant pests Ali Ramezani  Iran
Remediation Based on Nanomaterial-Coated Stainless Steel Mesh Amirhassan Amiri  Iran
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Amna AlRuheili (Conditional acceptance)  Egypt
Design of portable renewable energy storage systems in the form of liquid hydrogen and methanol for a long time Bahram Ghorbani  Iran
Renewable resource-based hybrid system Ehsan Seif Ali  Iran
Solar collector with the ability to generate electricity and heat and water purification Ehsan Seif Ali  Iran
Redesign and Manufacture of rechargeable nickel-zinc battery Faramarz Dehdar  Iran
Three-Phase Grid-Tied Inverter Farhad Barati  Iran
The machine of Producing water from Humidity Fatemeh Lotfi  Iran
Earth geomechanical simulation system Hadi Atapour  Iran
Multiphase Coupled Flow Simulation Laboratory Hamed Sadeghi  Iran
Non-contact laser dust meter Hossein Godarzi  Iran
Impact of Polymer on Electro-kinetic Properties of Crude Oil/Brine/ Rock Interfaces Intisar Al Busaidi  Oman
Recycling of unconventional industrial and super-saline effluents Iraj Ghofrani  Iran
SEER-GreenCon : Green Cement for Sustainable Earthquake Resistant Construction Mariyana Aida Ab Kadir  Malaysia
Comprehensive load demand forecasting system (electricity) Massoud Reyhanian  Iran
Simultaneous reduction of fuel consumption and pollution in diesel vehicles (Redax) Mehdi Hajian  Iran
Optical depth monitoring system for dust with high temporal resolution Mohammad Hossein Moezzian  Iran
 cloud seeding with graphene nano particles Mohammadi Joghataei  Iran
CO2 Capture and Utilization Using Microalgae MOHD RAZIF HARUN  Malaysia
Nano-PCM-based Combined Solar Heating (CPV / T) Photovoltaic Power Plant Mustafa Qarzi  Iran
Electrostatic wave in plasmas(Conditional approve) Nure Alam Chowdhury (Conditional acceptance)  Bangladesh
Surface stabilization of soil to deal with dust phenomenon (soil stabilization, viability) Pouria Qadir  Iran
Slow Release Fertilizer Hydrogel @ Gellizer Ros Azlinawati Binti Ramli  Malaysia
Economical design for bulb crushing unit and Effective management of vehicular waste bulbs Shubham Mohite  India
The machine of Producing water from Humidity Somayeh Akbari  Iran
Microbial fuel cells (MFC): A game-changer in renewable energy development Tonni Agustiono Kurniawan  Indonesia
Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) Membranes – The Next Generation Membranes for Water Desalination Woei Jye Lau  Malaysia

4. Information & Communication Technology

Scientific achievement title
Name of presenter
Person-centered address management system (SAPOST) Hamidreza Tavakoli  Iran
The entry of interactive technology into children’s lives Hossein Zabihi  Iran
TRUST CRAWLER, to ensure safe and secure use of online information among society massila kamalrudin  Malaysia
Process mining software Mehrdad Agha Mohammadali Kermani  Iran
Water and land border monitoring system Mohammad Momeni  Iran
“Build your own animation” system Mohammadali Akhaei  Iran
Portable All-Optical Radio Frequency Signal Generator Noran Azizan Cholan  Malaysia
Comprehensive positioning and routing system inside the building Parham Moradi Dolatabadi  Iran
Designing a Citation-Based Summarizer of Articles in Information Science: An Approach Based on Meta-Discourse Pegah Tajer  Iran
INDRA + firefighting robot and INDRA Life pool seat(Conditional approve) Peyman Emami (conditional acceptance)  Iran
Scheduling of clustering operations in wireless networks Peyman Nemat Allahy  Iran
Cloud security substructure to provide protection against cyber attacks (WAF-Firewall-Rate Limit-) Saber Mesgari  Iran
Spatial modulation of waves Sadr al-Din Afqahi  Iran
Reducing energy consumption with the Internet of Things Valy Allah Amiri  Iran
Portable All-Optical Radio Frequency Signal Generator Noran Azizan Cholan  Malaysia

5. Health & MedTech

Scientific achievement title
Name of presenter
Sina Robotic Telesurgery systemAlirezaMirbagheri Iran
Manufacture of mobile prosthetic hands with elbows and wrists with the ability to control the fingers through nerve signalsAmir Paydar Sani Iran
Research related to artificial intelligence and brain tumor imaging by mathematical perspective (conditional approve)Atefeh Hassanzadeh (conditional admission) Iran
Comprehensive Integrated Medical Intelligent System (Dex)Emad al-Din Hosseini Todeshki Iran
Strategies for maintaining and strengthening the sustainability of human resources in the health system in emergencies, crises and natural disastersFatemeh Ghaemi panahian Iran
Design and fabrication of dopamine-containing nanosystems for the treatment of Parkinson’s diseaseFatemeh Jahansuz Iran
Replacement of bilayer skin based on alginate oxide/collagen microfibers loaded with amniotic extractHamed Daemi Iran
Smart Fully Integrated labHamed Golmohammadi Iran
Electrostatic atmospheric Non-thermal plasma based air purifier and disinfectant machineHamed Habibi Iran
Pars Flex carbon claw sport modelHamidreza Maqareh Abed Iran
Manufacture of individual dosimeter PN_10Iman Hazrat Hosseini Iran
Skin scaffoldMaryam Islami Iran
Boghrat, Online Healthcare PlatformMehrshad Teimouri Iran
Kit for rapid diagnosis of gum diseaseMohammad Adel Ghias Iran
Early detection of Covid-19 by artificial intelligenceMohammad Momeni Iran
Intelligent remote disease detection system in microscopic imagesMohammad Momeni Iran
Heptic system of vitrectomy surgery trainingMohammad Motahari Far Iran
Preventing cytokine storm in the COVID-19 patients by suppressing clonal expansion in the activatedMohammadali Khayamian Iran
Rapid Pterygium Analyser (RPA)Mohd Radzi Hilmi Malaysia
Create a safe environment against virusesMohsen Khairmand Parizi Iran
Box & Block Virtual Rehabilitation for Upper ExtremitiesNasrul Anuar ABD Razak Malaysia
Repurposing ruxolitinib: Novel insight to improve learning and memoryPike See Cheah Malaysia
A portable micro-PCR test for the rapid on-site testing of COVID-19 infection…Quoc Mai Phuong Nguyen Vietnam
Atmospheric cold plasma pressure, A new method in the healing of diabetic and chronic woundsSarah Fathullah Iran
Design and manufacture of Covid 19 vaccine production machine in both laboratory and industrial scales based on microfluidic technologySeyed Ali Mousavi Shayegh Iran
Optical DNA Sequence Alignment ArchitectureSomayyeh koohi Iran
Organoid technology for cell therapy in diabetesYaser Tahmatni Iran

6. Transportation

Scientific achievement title
Name of presenter
Elastic Train Scheduling Model Ahmadreza Jafarian Moghaddam  Iran
Smart escalator emergency stop system Amir Hussein Qadam Al-Sultani  Iran
Robust two-level planning to locate logistics hubs and disaster management inventory management Ensiyeh Taki  Iran
vehicle management and planning Integrated system Farshad Bayat  Iran
PeatSIM – solution for road in wetland Junita Abd Rahman  Malaysia
Design of integrated fire and agricultural air network with the help of mathematical models Kawthar Asghari  Iran
Study of different rocks cut slope stability effecting factors: A Step Towards Sustainable Transportation System Muhammad Zaffar Hashmi  Pakistan
sustainable Bio-Asphalt Binder Noran Azizan Cholan  Malaysia
Urban application, citizen service provider Pouya Naeimi  Iran
Design and implementation of a manual control device for driving a car for people of determination Rasha Bakeer  Syrian
Dynamic behavior of Wrap Faced embankment on soft soil in Bangladesh Ripon Hore  Bangladesh
Driver’s drowsiness and behavior detection system Saeed Bostan Manesh Moghadam  Iran
Comprehensive parking services system Younes Kaviani Rad  Iran