Sterilization of Closed Spaces at the Same Time With the Presence of Ppeople During the Corona Uutbreak

The coronavirus outbreak with very high transmission power, primarily through the air and penetration into the respiratory tract, has had many consequences and complications. The economic downturn and the closure of some businesses have been among the implications of the Coronavirus epidemic, which has caused severe damage to the economies of the countries involved, including Iran. Meanwhile, the service sector, especially services provided indoors and in confined spaces, has suffered the most closures and, consequently, the most economic losses. In addition, despite vaccinations and the reopening of public places, and the reactivation of businesses, with the spread of new and mutated strains of the virus with higher transmission rates, the closure of companies and the application of strict health laws are out of the question. Therefore, to prevent the closure and economic losses of businesses operating in closed spaces and confined spaces, the following challenge must be addressed:

The Challenge: Disinfection and sterilization of the space using modern technologies at the same time with the presence of people and also with the least risk to the health of the people present