How the Video is Produced, and What does it Say?

1- All you need to do is to mount your mobile phone horizontally in a bright place and record a 3-to-5-minute video of your scientific achievement in English. If the video size is larger than 50 MB, convert it to less than 50 MB using a video compressor applications (such as: Video Compressor, Video Compressor Panda, Video Compressor & Convertor).

Recommendation 1: If your internet is not fast enough we strongly recommend you reduce the size to less than 50MB.

Recommendation 2: Creating a text file of your video is not mandatory, but it can help judges better understand your achievement.

2- Start the video by a brief introduction of yourself and your colleagues.

3- State the title of your scientific achievement and introduce the field in which you have participated among the 6 areas of competition.

4- If your achievement is a response to one of the challenges, give the full title of the relevant challenge, otherwise say: “I participate in free section of the competition.”

5- Briefly state the general information and also development stage of your achievement; this includes ideas, articles, prototype & MVP, new product and etc.

6- Describe the details of your achievement; problem solving method, innovation used, performance, advantage and added value.

7- In this page (Submit Video) click the button below, after filling the forms upload your video file in the specified location.

Recommendation 3: There is no limitation for the number of scientific works and solutions to submit by a person. But each one has to be re recorded and uploaded separately.

If you had any problem in any stage, do not hesitate to send a message via WhatsApp number: +98 991 25 21 508
We are here to help.

Examples of videos submitted in KANS 2018