About KANS

About KANS

KANS Scientific Competition; What & How?

KANS stands for Knowledge Application and Notion for Society. It aims to present science-based solutions to human issues which are offered by young scholars, university students, and professors (under 45 years of age) throughout the Islamic countries

In the competition, participants submit their solutions for challenges declared by national and international pavilions, in form of a 3 to 5 minute video.

KANS seeks to pursue efforts in the following areas:

–          Finding solutions to tackle the current challenges of human communities;

–          Using the characters and capacities of specialists to develop science and technology and to meet the needs of various industries;

–          Pushing young elites to create scientific projects of higher quality and in larger quantity;

–          Paving the way for more interaction among researchers, technologists and investors as to foster science and technology;

–          Creating a valuable treasure trove of works by collecting participants’ achievements;

–          building a platform for interaction and cooperation between the competition winners and the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize laureates, and thereby creating scientific networks at different levels.

KANS 2022 competition fields include:

  1. Agriculture & Food Industries
  2. Health & MedTech
  3. Energy, Water & Environment
  4. Electronics & Robotics
  5. ICT & Artificial Intelligence
  6. Mining & Mineral Industries

The selection process begins with screening the submitted solutions & scientific works in five specialized groups.

The selected solutions & scientific works enter the next stage. They will be reviewed by assessment committee; consist of professors from different pavilions. (Pavilions are national or international scientific institutions from all over Islamic countries which have declared their local challenges and invited scientists and innovators to answer the challenges.)

The assessment committee will nominate 24 solutions & scientific works for the final summit.  Nominees will be asked to prepare their work in the form of a PowerPoint. At this stage, they will take advantage of mentors recommendations.

In the final summit judge committee will chose 6 best solutions & scientific works out of 24 as the winners of the award.