KANS Scientific Competition

To foster a culture of problem-oriented research throughout the Islamic World, Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) has launched the Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition.

KANS Scientific Competition aims to motivate and inspire talented and ambitious scientists under the age of 45 from across the Islamic World to engage in research that address real-world scientific and technological challenges faced by the Islamic World and society at large.

Within this competition, scientists utilize their utmost STEM expertise to propose innovative approaches for the most significant scientific challenges or cutting edge research areas identified by scientific institutions and high-tech corporations.

Additionally, as part of the completion of Mustafa Prize value chain, KANS encourages young scientists to push the boundaries further in the research areas covered by the Mustafa Prize Laureates.

Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation

Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) has embarked on a mission to promote the development of science and technology in Islamic World. Within this framework, MSTF recognizes and honors the scientists of Islamic World, acknowledging their valuable contributions and efforts. With a steadfast commitment to a nonprofit approach and maintaining complete independence, MSTF aims to achieve its goals while upholding the reverence for the Holy Prophet(pbuh) and adhering to Islamic teachings.

Competition Areas

KANS 2024 will cover the following main areas. Any scientific or technological idea or achievement, whether in the form of papers, books, prototypes, MVPs, or innovative products, can be submitted through 3- to 5-minute video presentations.

Energy, Water, and Environment

Health and Med-Tech

Agriculture and Food Industries

ICT and AI

Chemicals, Polymers, and Advanced Materials

Quantum, Nano, and Micro Technologies

KANS Partners

(Formerly KANS Pavilions)

KANS bridges the gap between esteemed scientific institutions and high-tech corporations across the Islamic World, who are seeking for innovative approaches to their most pressing challenges and research priorities on one side, and talented and ambitious scientists eager to make high-value contributions to such challenges on the other.

To achieve this goal, we extend our invitation to eligible institutions to participate in KANS Scientific Competition as KANS Partners.

KANS Partners are the institutions that identify and declare the specific scientific challenges and the research gaps within their area of activity.

In return, KANS Partners will have access to scientific contributions made by the competitors addressing the challenges they have declared.