Challenge AIC 11
Wearable Respiratory Sensors

One of the most important areas of application of artificial intelligence in the health systems is monitoring the condition of patients. The use of wearable sensors has a tremendous impact on health and the purpose of their development is to help patients, doctors and treatment teams. These technologies are developing and include watches, electrodes and flexible biometric devices that measure the biological factors of the human body. It is expected that artificial intelligence technology in the field of voice-based wearable sensors will help to detect the level of consciousness with the help of existing primary data collected such as the obtained signals related to the sound of breathing (respiratory sounds). This is done with the help of:

  • Data acquisition hardware development in order to include designed software;
  • Designing a system to connect the obtained data along with the results of automatic processing based on artificial intelligence with the person’s electronic file;
  • Designing a doctor’s access application to a person’s electronic file;
    It will be possible to access the technology of making a complete sound-based wearable sensor system and developing the use of other sensors for 24-hour monitoring of a person’s health.

The Challenge:

How can artificial intelligence be used to detect the level of consciousness with the help of wearable respiratory sensors?

Iran’s National Elites Foundation
Islamic Republic of Iran