KANS (Knowledge Application and Notion for Society) is a scientific competition open to young scientists (under 45 years of age) from across the Islamic World. The primary objective of KANS is to encourage academicians to contribute effective solutions for addressing real-world challenges while cultivating a culture of problem-oriented research.

Are you running a high-tech business or an educational institution?

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KANS Partner

Scientific institutions or high-tech industrial corporations are highly encouraged to submit the challenges they face or their research priorities to KANS Secretariat and opt to be a KANS Partner (formerly KANS Pavilion). Collected challenges will be published in the competition catalog upon the opening of the call for submissions in each round. Competitors, then, are expected to submit their innovative solutions to the announced challenges.

Why Choose to be a KANS Partner?

Gain Access to a Large Expert Society in Overcoming Your Scientific Challenges

First and foremost, KANS Partners have the unique opportunity to engage eminent scientists who are eager to apply their expertise in addressing the scientific and technological challenges specific to the Partner. KANS Partner will have exclusive access to the submitted solutions in response to their challenges.

Secondly, by participating in KANS, Partners can expand their networks and establish connections with enthusiastic experts and specialists in their respective fields. These collaborations hold immense potential for catalyzing a wide range of scientific and technological synergies in a much broader context.

Expand Your Network

Increase your Visibility Worldwide

Last but certainly not least, KANS Partners have the chance to enhance their visibility and outreach beyond their borders, solidifying their position among esteemed institutions in the STI ecosystem.

To add even more delight, it is worth noting that all these fantastic advantages come completely free of charge. Thus, it would not be an overstatement to say that within KANS Scientific Competition, KANS Partners gain even more than the competitors themselves.

Now, Ready for KANS 2024?

Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) intends to hold the 4th round of KANS Scientific Competition in 2024.
The areas covered by the competition in its upcoming 4th round include:
  1. Energy, Water, and Environment,
  2. Health and Med-Tech,
  3. Agriculture and Food Industries,
  4. ICT and AI,
  5. Chemicals, Polymers, and Advanced Materials, and
  6. Quantum, Nano, and Micro Technologies.

If you are affiliated with an institution involved in research or conducting business activities in any of these areas, please do not hesitate to reach us out at kans@mstfdn.org for additional information and to submit your scientific challenges and research priorities.

  • For convenience, please use this template to submit your challenges.
  • For each challenge, kindly use a separate form.
  • Feel free to submit as many challenges as you deem appropriate.
  • Use your institutional email address in correspondence regarding challenge submission.
  • Please ensure that you have the necessary authorization to submit challenges on behalf of your institution.
  1. A KANS Partner refers to an esteemed scientific institution or a high-tech corporation based in the Islamic World that contributes to KANS Scientific Competition by declaring the scientific challenges it encounters. In order to identify the most substantial challenges, KANS Partners may conduct local surveys. KANS Partners hold official positions within the competition.
  2. KANS invites young scientists from across the Islamic World to offer their innovative solutions to address the challenges declared by KANS Partners.
  3. The specific areas for each round will be announce by KANS Secretariat in advance. All submitted challenges should align with one of the designated areas. If necessary, KANS Secretariat reserves the right to reallocate certain challenges within the designated areas.
  4. The name of each KANS Partner will be prominently featured alongside the challenges it has brought forth. Any scientifically eligible work submitted to KANS Scientific Competition in response to each challenge will be shared with the corresponding KANS Partner.
  5. KANS Secretariat reviews and finalizes the challenges that have been received. In certain instances, challenges with similar content may be consolidated or merged. In such cases, all KANS Partners that have contributed to the merged challenge will receive the associated benefits.
  6. Due to limitations on the number of challenges that can be accommodated, KANS Secretariat may be required to prioritize them and exclude some.
  7. To delve into solutions in greater detail or for any other form of collaboration, interaction between KANS Partners and competitors is allowed during or after the competition. However, in such cases, it is expected that KANS Secretariat is notified.
  8. The KANS evaluation process, which determines the competition winners, consists of three stages: (1) Screening: The KANS Secretariat conducts a screening process to identify the top 10 entries in each competition area from a large pool of hundreds of submissions; (2) Assessment: An evaluation committee composed of scientists, experts in each area, and representatives of related pavilions assesses the entries to determine the top 3 works out of the initial 10; (3) Judgment: A jury committee comprised of scientists, experts in each area, and representatives of related pavilions carries out the final judgment. The 3 finalists in each area present their works before this committee, and the winners in each area are ultimately selected. It is important to note that the decision to participate in the evaluation process of the scientific works that address their challenges rests entirely with each KANS Partner.
  9. Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) will acknowledge the contributions of KANS Partners by presenting them with an appreciation letter as a token of recognition.

KANS Partners