KANS competition is awarded to young researchers who …

March 30, 2021

The head of KANS competition said: “KANS Prize is awarded to young researchers and professors who can come up with innovative ideas and novel solutions to major important problems facing Muslim countries.

Saeed Sohrabpour, emphasized that young professors and researchers under the age of 45, who wish to take part in the competition, submit 5-minute videos in which they present their innovative ideas and a practical solution to an important problem facing the Muslim world, in any one of the following five categories areas:

1- Water, Environment & Energy

2- Health & MedTech

3- ICT

4- Transportation

5- Economics

Saeed Sohrabpour added: “the judging panel is made up of university professors and lecturers who examine all the videos received and initially select three of the best videos in each category, making a total of 15 videos. The emphasis is on finding practical solutions to problems. Innovative ideas must be translated into practical solutions to problems. The 15 videos will then be whittled down to five, one video from each category, and the winners in each category would be awarded the prestigious KANZ Prize.”

Organizers of the competition hope to generate a network of young scientists and researchers in Islamic countries who will find practical solutions to problems through collaborative efforts.

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