January 15, 2022

With the global trends in the study of next-generation communications, telecom operators have established new laboratories to pilot their own solutions and services in conjunction with the last-generation network.

MTN Irancell, as Iran’s first and greatest digital operator, has followed this new approach, establishing Irancell Labs in 2019. This center includes three sections: “Research and Development”, “Irancell Innovation Center” and “Irancell Academy”, and it has been aimed to extend Irancell’s relationship with the academic community, use and support the great capacity of Iranian youth, and help scientific centers, startups and technology companies to foster and prosper.

As an independent research entity, Irancell Labs is focused on research and development (R&D), innovative and educational activities in communication and information technology field. By commercializing and funding startups and innovative ideas, this center opens up new opportunities for the development of startup businesses with cutting-edge technologies, and as a result, helping build stronger research infrastructures for knowledge economy.


  • Holding three startup weekends
  • Receiving 105 startup ideas, granting cash funds and hardware infrastructures for market development to the chosen teams
  • Implementing startup studio model and identifying inventive, strong technical teams to meet the needs of Irancell and Irancell Labs
  • Holding Irancell Pitch events with the “Development of Technological Collectivity” approach in collaboration with the science and technology parks of Iran’s leading universities
  • Establishing a mutual collaboration with the selected teams of Sharif University’s science and technology park in AI, Connected Cars and Information Security


They have all been among the recent activities of this research center in the development and innovation areas, promising an even brighter future ahead in the field!

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