Pars Oil Company

January 15, 2022

Pars Oil Refinery, the first private company listed on Tehran Stock Exchange, is proud to supply various lubricants for almost seven decades. Automotives, air planes, locomotives and sea fleets, as well as several industries with specific needs for lubricants and greases are among our customers.

PARS OIL, as the exclusive manufacturing partner of SHELL International in Iran being under strict supervision and evaluation by Shell’s specialists for several years before the sanctions, has well adopted the structures and processes of product design and development conform to SHELL standards.

Despite this long history, Pars Oil Refinery currently owns the latest process technology in the field of refining and is the only one equipped with fully automatic machines in lubricants production. Moreover, its industrial wastewater treatment plant is the most advanced one in the country.

Being stayed on knowledge-based sustainable growth path, besides focusing on training specialized staff in the field of lubrication industry by establishing “Pars University”, has recently led Pars Oil to extend the knowledge of lubricants formulation by creating synergies with the country’s science and technology centers and innovation ecosystem.

Among PARS OIL knowledge-based products, there are some lubricants and greases requested by aerospace and defense industries as well as types of marine oils specially designed for low Sulphur fuels; though in this regard, important priorities are acquiring additive production technologies, developing new methods of refining and processing of hydrocarbon materials for more efficient Sulphur removal, and also modification of Group I base oils in order to compete with Group II and III base oils.

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