Final winners and selected scientific achievements of the second round of the KANS scientific competition were identified.

May 16, 2022

In the final stage of the second round of the KANS scientific competition, the selected teams presented their scientific achievements and finally, the top 6 achievements were selected as the final winners of the competition.


Field of competition

Selected Team

Scientific achievement title

Economics, Banking & Finance


Saeedeh Momtazi


Detection of fraudulent banking transactions and credit cards using artificial intelligence


Energy, Water & Environment



Mehdi Maleki


Renewable energy management with carbon based composites for latent heat storage and thermal heating

Information & Communication Technology

Mohammad Ali Akhaee

Create your own animation

Health & Med-Tech

Pike See Cheah

Repurposing ruxolitinib : novel insights to improve learning and memory in down syndrome

Seyed Ali Mousavi Shaegh

Design and manufacture of covid-19 vaccine production machine in both laboratory and industrial scales based on microfluidic technology


Saeed Bostan Manesh Moghaddam

Driver behavior and drowsiness detection system

Mining and Mineral Industries

No scientific achievement succeded to be selected as winner

The selected photos of the closing Ceremony:

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