Challenge AIC 14
Cognitive Games and Treatment or Diagnosis of Disease

Many children or even adults suffer from certain diseases that can be treated to a reasonable extent by using play therapy. Some computer games help to reduce or even eliminate the effects of certain conditions on these people. These types of special games that help treat or improve diseases are called therapeutic games, mostly pursued […]

Challenge AIC 11
Wearable Respiratory Sensors

One of the most important areas of application of artificial intelligence in the health systems is monitoring the condition of patients. The use of wearable sensors has a tremendous impact on health and the purpose of their development is to help patients, doctors and treatment teams. These technologies are developing and include watches, electrodes and […]

Challenge AIC 10

Telemedicine makes access to patients easier and allows doctors to expand their work environment. It is expected that Artificial intelligence technology in the field of tele-ophthalmology will help to: The Challenge: How can artificial intelligence be used to develop tele-ophthalmology systems? Iran’s National Elites FoundationIslamic Republic of Iran

Challenge AIC 09
Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Systems

The early and accurate diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases is critical. However, sometimes many lesions are beyond the physician’s view with conventional endoscopy. Endoscopic technology, like other technologies, has always been progressing, and it is expected that a new generation of endoscopes will be designed in the near future by using the latest micro-tools, data science […]

Challenge EWE 42
Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling specially PET and converting to granules for reuse is one of the environmental challenges. In this challenge, the preparation of colorless granules from colored plastics is considered for recycling with higher added value. Inter-Islamic Network on Nano-Technology (INN)Islamic Republic of Iran

Challenge EWE 41
Solution for Industrial Wastewater Reuse in Steel Industries

The flocculant material is a polymer poly-electrolyte that is used for rapid precipitation of suspended particles in steel waste. Solutions for local production of this product or similar products for use in the wastewater treatment of the steel industry or other industries are considered in this challenge. Inter-Islamic Network on Nano-Technology (INN)Islamic Republic of Iran

Challenge EWE 40
Cold Chain

Storing, preserving, and transporting food and medicine in hot areas without access to the energy distribution grid is one of the challenges that is directly related to the health and living conditions. In the second stage of importance, providing comfortable environmental conditions for living in the hot climate of the region by using climatic potentials […]

Challenge EWE 38
Affordable Energy From Renewable Sources

One of the most important challenges is energy supply, especially deprived and rural areas. Since access to the energy distribution grid is difficult or impossible in these regions, the approach of providing energy in the form of on-site production based on the climatic/regional potential will be the most likely solution. The main sources of energy […]