They are tracking COVID-19

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH), Medical Research Centre at Sultan Qaboos University (MRC-SQU) and the Omani company (TAQAT LLC) are collaborating to deploy an Artificial Intelligence (AI)application with efficient isolation model through – trace, test and to help on mitigating the impact of COVID-19. Currently they built the system and in experimental research level and […]

Smart coating for metal surfaces significant change

Corrosion and corrosion protection represent one of the biggest challenges in all worldwide industries and therefore, corrosion-resistant coatings and their development are critical for the protection of metals and metallic components. Metal constructions, machines, pipelines, tanks, and similar equipment are all in danger of suffering from corrosion effects unless they are regularly controlled and maintained. […]

Solar-powered device can create water out of thin air, even in deserts

The 2015 Mustafa prize laureate, who has helped create the prototype water harverster, said: if you are cut off somewhere in the desert, you could survive because of this device. A device that can create water out of thin air in even arid environments has been invented that could make Coleridge’s famous line “Water, water, […]

What is Innovation?

Innovation is one of the most important topics concerning the long-term competitiveness of companies. But what is innovation exactly? Why is innovation management so important for organizations? And what different types of innovation are there? What is Innovation? (Definition) The word “innovation” is derived from the Latin verb innovare, which means to renew. In essence, the word has retained its meaning up […]

Developing High Performance Leadership

Organizational knowledge cannot merely be described as the sum of individual knowledge, but as a systematic combination based on social interactions shared among organizational members. It is important for executives to consider the ownership of knowledge as a factor, which is a significant contributor to the knowledge of organizations. Moreover, knowledge emerges in two additional […]

6 Ways to Innovate Your Business Model

The pandemic has given us all an opportunity to build a new business future. Market disruption equals opportunity for those willing to look and work for it. This is the time to adjust and innovate your business model to market conditions.  During COVID and the VUCA season it has created, we have seen ample reason […]