Closing Ceremony Program

The 2nd KANS Scientific Competition (May 10-13, Pardis Technology Park) Date Duration Program Details Notes Pavilion of Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation in INOTEX (Booth 506) May 10-13, Pardis Technology Park Tuesday (May, 10) – Counter of Finalists in the Pavilion Presentation of the Finalists’ Works in the Dedicated Counters in the Booth (MSTF Pavilion) […]

Interview with Prof. Sohrabpour

On the eve of the second KANS International Scientific Competition, which is being held with the participation of students and scientific researchers from over 15 Islamic countries, we had an interview with Prof. Sohrabpour, Chairman of the Board of the Mostafa Foundation and Chairman of KANS Scientific Competition. “Prof. Sohrabpour, we are on the verge […]

KANS competition is awarded to young researchers who …

The head of KANS competition said: “KANS Prize is awarded to young researchers and professors who can come up with innovative ideas and novel solutions to major important problems facing Muslim countries. Saeed Sohrabpour, emphasized that young professors and researchers under the age of 45, who wish to take part in the competition, submit 5-minute […]

The whole scientific community is a superhero

The 2019 Mustafa prize laureate, who has developed the successful BioNTech-Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine, in an interview with DW explains how they will respond to the new, more contagious COVID-19 variant. MSTF Media reports: As concerns are mounting that the novel Coronavirus strain spreading rapidly across the UK might render ineffective the existing COVID-19 vaccines such […]

A young researcher from Malaysia “Sarova Pravina” KANS winner

A young researcher from Malaysia “Sarova Pravina” who received an award in KANS (Knowledge Application and Notion for Society) 2018 competitions award ceremony, called the event a platform for young researchers. Iran news/ Speaking to Iran Press reporter, a young researcher from Malaysia “Sarova Pravina” said: “the kind of award I receive here is “Honorary […]